Custom intro


Im a person who likes to personalize everything with my personal logos, characters etc. so with that in mind heres my ?

when a person turns on his/her computer, when booting up at some point, you hear an intro sound with like lets say the windows logo or insignia on the screen for a minute right, and then the desktop pops up.

so my question is, is there a way i can take that out and make a custom intro that will come on everytime i boot up my computer???

any help is gratly appreciated
thanks aku

HI there

Yes you can change the intro sound if thats what u want to do, go to start>settings>control panel and double click on sounds and multimedia…it may be just sounds so don’t worry and then scroll down a little till you see start windows … select it and browse to the sound file that you would like to use and click on apply and then ok and your new sound should play the next time u restart windows