Custom Video Player - Job Opportunity

Hey everyone.
I have a client that specializes in shooting HD video.
For his website he wants a player very similar to the one here:
Freefly MōVI and CineStar Official Website

I am looking for someone that can create the video player with the same functionality:

Main Video Player

  • HTML 5 video player that prioritizes very clean HQ videos.
  • On rollover shows logo watermark and pause.
  • Once user scrolls down page video automatically pauses.
  • Several videos below timeline
  • Timeline progresses in a linear fashion
  • User can click videos individually to jump through timeline
  • Description box popups can be added for specific scenes as seen on the right side of the video player.

x It does not need checkpoints(little circles) in the individual videos

Please PM or email me the price and time-frame needed to complete the project.
Thank you so much for taking the time.


Any ideas?