Customize radioButton component

I’m trying to set style to a radioButton… But I still can’t change the font size.

I tryed the coding on the reference page

drag a RadioButton on your Stage, then name the component **myRadioButton, **Put this actionscript in a frame :

myRadioButton.setStyle(“themeColor”, “0xFF0000”);
myRadioButton.setStyle(“color”, “0xFFFFFF”);
myRadioButton.setStyle(“embedFonts”, false); // true
myRadioButton.setStyle(“fontFamily”, “verdana”);
[COLOR=red]myRadioButton.setStyle("fontSize ", “8”);
[/COLOR]myRadioButton.setStyle("fontStyle ", “italic”); // normal
myRadioButton.setStyle(“fontWeight”, “none”); // bold
myRadioButton.setStyle("textDecoration ", “none”); // underline

I need to use a FFF font (size 8px)
Does someone as a solution for that? :book: