Customizing getURL pop up windows

I am using the getURL function to open a jpg in a new browser window, which works fine.

on (release){
getURL(“images/picture.jpg”, _blank);

However, I desperately want to customize the browser window that pops up so that it has no menu or toolbars, and I wish to have it sized to fit my image(s).

I was wondering if anyone knew a way this can be done. I’ve found out many ways to do this opening from an html page ( blah) ), but I can’t figure out how to spawn a customized pop-up from within an swf.

If anyone could help or give some suggestions, I would be very greatful.

I can’t believe this is so bloody hard!

I checked out that tutorial, and despite my efforts to alter it to my needs, all it does is try to open a hundred thousand pop ups and buggers my computer to **** (making for a very tedious and time consuming testing session).

The way I use it, is make a button like in the sample file of the tut.
Put it in a page in DWeaver(or any other html program). Then in DW make the page that is supposed to be the pop-up. Call it pop-up.htm

on (release) {
    address = "";
    target_winName = "yoursite_index";

Then customize it!

Yeah, once I calmed down, I realized my problem. I’m trying to run these scripts inside a dynamically loaded swf, and I’m pretty sure it was running them at 50 fps, thus my problem of a trillion windows opening.

But I got it all sorted out, thanks for the lead Copydog

That’s what the forum’s for,
to calm you down!!!