Customizing my msn

Is there any software that can help me customize the little icon that appears next to the name from msn, for example paint it with different colors or make clothes? Im looking for something but its hard, thanks! :smiley:

Yep ! It’s called ResHack. I’ve done it before, it’s easy. All you’ve gotta is have ResHack open the .exe, extract the bitmaps, edit them and put them back in. MAKE SURE TO BACKUP !!

cool :slight_smile: I´ll see if I can do it, thanks voets! :thumb:

but my contacts cant see it right?? :frowning:

yep, that only works locally.

oh crap, the fun part was to let the contacts see ur icon…

there are plenty of MODs for MSN, i use a drugged themed one, replaced the skin, icons animaions new emoticons and what not but the site ois long goen now, but they are out there !! dont give up


cool, I found this site all kinds of crap for the msn :slight_smile: