Customizing print button

please help me… i’m in deep trouble

i’m doing an online coloring programme and i need to add a button to print the color page after the user finish coloring. but i don’t know how to do it… can anybody help me on this? please…

The best way is to tell your visitors to use the Print feature of their browsers. There are scripts that enable the browser to display the Print dialog box, but the script does not always work on all browsers or operating systems.

I have another problem. When I finish coloring the coloring page, I tried to print it. Unfortunately, the printer printed the uncolored version. I want the printer to print the colored version. How do I do that?


Hello again,
You will have to customize your printer settings. Your printer is probably set to grayscale. More than likely, you can access your printer’s settings by going to File | Print. From the Print window press the Properties button. You will see printer-specific information for your printer that you can modify.