Customizing the external preloader tutorial to load 8 jpgs

[for Flash MX 2004]
Hi, I am struggling to get up and running with complex AS in a hurry and spent around 14 hours yesterday watching and reading tutorials, and taking pages and pages of notes. Despite this, and previous learning, I’m still not adept enough to fully understand how to customize the awesome tutorial you guys posted on loading 4 external jpgs (located at

Here is an image of this monster I’ve made as it exists currently:

(full size):

I very much aware that this subject has been gone over a million times, as preloaders are ugly brutes, but I know just enough actionscript to be dangerous, unfortunately, and I need some help here. If I can get this down, I’ll be well on my way to finally continuing with this project, which has been derailed by this stupid preloader! Please let me know if you need more info. Thanks.

update: This is my second day of working at this issue. I’m not sure why, but no matter what I do, every time I try to adapt a tutorial to my needs, I can’t even get the most basic of functionality out of it. For example, I took the progress bar and code from this tutorial and placed both into a new file. I deleted the button graphics and button code, adjusted the x and y coordinates of the empty MC and tested the movie. The image loaded just fine, but the progress bar would not show at all. And after fiddling with it for nearly 30 minutes, I’ve had no luck getting that stupid thing to show up. How much harder can this stuff get?? I’m giving up for now - this is just completely stupid. I’m just going to design this project for now with super compressed images and hope for the best. I imagine that some day, many years from now, I will begin to gather just the beginning of understanding that will start me on the road to putting this together (a nod to the hillarious cartoon Concerned). However, if anyone feels like helping me out, I’m all ears :look: