i was bored and i had a picture of my (girl)friend so i went on doing her more beautiful but i realised that making people more beautiful is too simple so i went on the different approach. making it ugly - even horrible. the results were good because whoever i showed it to got scared! lol! so take a look at the preety version and horrifying version and post a comment or two.


wow, very cool! looks like the girl from the exorcist -I forgot her name- good job! :slight_smile:

Better not let your girl see the ugly one ;).

it’s not his girlfriend… it’s a friend that is a girl.

LoL, the nose ring thing looks wierd but it’s pretty cool none-the-less. She’s a cuttie :drool: :lol:

Oh, well whoops. He said, quote: “(girl)friend” so I thought it was his girl. Sorry :ne:.

oh yea, is not her girlfriend…mmmm… in that case she´s hot! j/k :wink:

Im not sure about the ring, I think it may look better without it IMO

nice rack!

oh that’s one ugly chick :skull:

Oh is that what you see? :sigh:

oh yeah!

Nice eyes :sigh:.

are you guys afraid of woman’s breasts or somethin? you really should get a maxim magazine or somethin.

No it’s just the fact that you’re saying “nice rack” - the thread is about the manipulation and what not and all you notice is her “rack”, talk about annoying…

i just made one comment, and all you guys take it out of context. now back to the original post. :smirk:

Good photo manip luksy! But the ugly version has no rack.


ruski just quit provoking people (not so much on this post but rather on some such as the ones that get closed)

nice manip, like the scar effects oh and the exorcist girls name is LINDA BLAIR

linda blair! thats it! I was gonnas say linda hamilton :stuck_out_tongue:

back to topic again :slight_smile:

cool modifications. Tell her she’s beautiful (from a bunch of geeks on a flash forum hehehe)

yeah man nice job !! i love it !! i hated the exorsist i saw it when i was young and it scared the crap outta me !!! so yeah memories !!!

good job man !! it is always easier to make people ugly then beautiful !!