Cyber Beggers

This just makes me sick, a while back Ren posted a site about “Saving Karyn” and i thought that was pretty low. Turns out she is not the only one with this scheme in mind!

Look at all these beggers, they are pathetic losers! Does this piss anyone off as well? Or is my thinking wrong and i’m being harsh…

na, these people are scum, no doubts about it

She has a list of a ton of other sites that do the same thing she did. But she reached her goal and got all the money she wanted… so if people are stupid enough to support it, why not prey on it?

Personally I disagree with it, I think its pathetic, but heck, I don’t blame them since it does work and its not scamming or illegal, it’s just begging for cash :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, most of those people are pathetic losers. I feel sorry for some of them, but I guess I’m not trusting enough to send money to someone I don’t know just because they say they’re sleeping in a car. And when you were a mother at 16, I’m sorry, but I don’t feel sorry for you (I do for her kids though).

Speaking of this, I’m seeking donations to go to college. Any amount is greatly appreciated, and blank checks are always welcome.

Yeah, I think that’s pretty low…
Work like the rest of us do for your money… geeze…

If your sleeping in a car how do you check your email?
Oh bye the way, my dog is sick. I guess we will have to put her down. :*(

There is a huge market for animal lovers. I love animals, but people are just a little more important.

you can save my biotch! [email protected] [email protected]

Hey if they want to spend money put up websites and waste their time … its their Decision…

The reason why they work… because people buy into it. I find nothing wrong with that because they are not coming to you, people are going to them, and if someone wants to give someone like 5 bucks or more, big deal its a free country =)

As you can tell, i just dont care, if you dont care it cant affect you =) just be thankful they are not calling ya lol

BTW… what all yall’s phone number? lol joking =)

I agree with Raydred’s attitude on this.

I sorta look at it the same way I do the panhandlers on the corner or in the market parking lot…

It’s up to me to believe (or not) their various sad stories
…some are obvious frauds (but I could be wrong) and then again some are obviously victoms of circumstances beyond their control (but I could be wrong there too)

I often will cave into giving a buck or two when convinced - but the keyword here is that it’s myChoice

… but I’ll get real rude with the pushy ones …

I live in the most panhandler populated place in the world. It has been proven by our City Officials… I also ignore these people. I help the homeless, I do charity work, but I do not give money to crackheads with a sign.

They are implimenting a plan of “care not cash” to help people get off of the streets. Some parts are good, some parts are bad…

IMO - begging of any kind is bad.


Hey rev,
I agree with you on that. The last thing many of these people need is money. It’s obvious that they can’t handle money - which is why they are in the situation they are in. Helping them get back on their feet in a way that helps them to earn money (legally I hasten to add) is far better =)

Now, Karyn and this other person have some problems, but it has worked out well for them. I’m sure people, just to see what would happen, probably may have donated money to them hehe.

Kirupa :smirk:

**beggers suck… anyway please donate money to the Edwin art fund, paypal: [email protected] dontaions are appreciated :):):slight_smile: **