What do you think?
Give my some suggestions/comments/critics…anything.

p.s. I know about the pre-loaders…im workin on that now


wow Seretha, it looks nice! I guess you were not able to get multiple versions of the letter flip going?!?

the site looks nice, my only gripe (and it’s definately an issue for me) is to make each section’s button disabled after it is selected so that you don’t reload the same content twice

this can be done by sending the button to it’s down state as a graphic behaviour, play single frame, frame 3 if the buttons are on their own layer in the timeline OR by using movie clips as buttons and having the loaded content send the button mc to a disabled state

but that’s just a minor issue that I have.

is there a real need for a “home” button?

on the portfolio page, I wanted to be able to click on the five boxes under the content as well as that section’s text buttons since I quickly saw that each text button was related to a certain box, maybe a rollOver effect that when I mouseOver the box, the related text glows (or whatever)

just minor issues, the layout is nice, the animation is nice (a bit slow for my taste), nice colour palette

I like your site a lot, very nice! :slight_smile:

thanks subquark.

by ‘section’ do you mean the main buttons? what if they clicked on contact … viewed a little more of the page and then decided to go back to contact… you dont think they’d get frustrated that they had to re-load the page (or worse those internet illiterates who think the page doesn’t work and closes it off…) does it take up to much loading time?


once the person left contact, you’d make that button enabled again, no reloading, only the selected page’s button would be disabled, then enabled as soon as another button was selected

i like the way you use “erase” to dump the selected subcontent, very clever!

sorry, I keep editing my first post, if you want a really thorough and often insightful critique, get ElectronGeek to look at it. He probably will, he’s very good . . .

nice site but a bit too dark. also, i think it’s a little bit slow; i.e. when the different portfolios open, takes wayyyy too long (maybe if you increased the fps rate it would look better).
good job!

i noticed that a few ppl think it’s to dark…personnaly i love it. I think it fits the name a lot better than a dark gray or a white…but i also noticed that 40 some ppl have viewed this thread but 2 ppl have actually posted…so i’m going to start a fresh post with a poll and let this one slide into oblivion. Maybe ppl will be more willing to at least click on a button than fill out a comment box…hope so cause i want the input. Thanks subquark and dj.s for your comments.

it appeared very dark to me because i have a flat panel monitor and it’s hard to recognise the content from the black bg (sometimes). but that doesn’t mean you have to change it. it’s your www and important is that YOU like it.
good luck :bounce:

colour is okay for me, regular 19" CRT, but it is a very good design point about the monitor, I test on a 14.5" laptop and the LCD screen really loses a lot. Especially Alpha stuff (like my logo).

Can’t test enough, I go to a local sandwich shop that has IMacs and check out my stuff (and eat lunch, I guess that’s part of my testing site . . .)

I agree about the frame rate, that would speed it up as I indicated before and improve that part greatly.

good luck with the poll and get ElectronGeek to look at it, he is brutal but very good . . . I love ElectronGeek! :slight_smile: