D**n you shizmoo

Everytime I use my browser I get an error message every 5 mins saying

The operation timed out when attempting to contact ads.shizmoo.com

I’ve run my 2 virus scanners, I have 2 firewalls and I’ve run HijackThis & Spybot but no luck yet I still get the message.

I’ve also deleted a bunch of cookies, cleared my cache and still no luck…

anyone any ideas, any help would be great :thumb:

try searching regedit for ‘ads.shizmoo.com

switch browsers :stuck_out_tongue:

searched the registry but couldn’t find any mention of shizmoo

actually I rebooted the machine and on restart ran spybot and virus scanner again and (so far) I haven’t re-encountered the problem again.

thanks for the help guys :thumb:

actually think I may’ve got the problem from deviantart somehow cause I was on their site when I first encountered the problem.