Damage, Respawning, Health, Movment Game

Ok I already Have a 3d flash mx game engine I just need help with a little bit of easy stuff since the engine was hard.
I need Health script for when your shield is down is when you start getting health taken away when attacked. Also I need script for to respawn in a map when you die and respawn in a certain spot I only need the script! Then Damage script from my gun to enemy and enemy fire to me. And last but not least I need a little bit of button movment and mouse. Such as I move forward with W and Backward with S strafe left with A and strafe right with D then the mouse is the part where you look around and aim then fire with left click and whip them with your gun right click. Thats All for Now.

Please Help Me

ps. you dont have to have all answers I would at least like one answer to one of them if you could get all that would be great thanks. :wink: