Damsel in distress!: complex buttons, please help


I don’t use flash very often and I’m really stuck with creating some complex(for me) buttons. Here’s what I’m trying to do:

I have a FLA which I’m working on, it’s to display a portfolio. It’s a scene with things changing continuously in the background.

I have about 10 buttons and on rollover I need them to glow (I’ve made the image for this), on release I need them to open an MC in the top layer of the animation - not in a different file or scene or window or anything. This will be an MC containing several pages of the portfolio which you can scroll through (I’m fine with making that). Then I need a button that will close this window. So meanwhile the animation behind is continuing.

I think it would be better to load the portfolio MCs from outside the main FLA as it’s already a pretty massive file and there will be lots of them.

I’d be so grateful if anyone’s got any suggestions, or can point me in the direction of a tutorial that they know of.

Thanks! xxx