Dashboard in flash

Hi people,

I am trying to build a dashboard using MX, and so far it looks pretty cool… I have all the dials and meters and movement etc. Now I would like to create say an accelerator. And the idea is that if you press the accelerator the speedometer moves up (the arrow in it) and the feul meter goes down etc. what is the best way to do this? ( I am not building a car dashborad, but a plane cockpit, so there are a few more dials that move in realtionship to a certain choice) what I want to create is a dashboard that can show different combinations of meters and dials in combination with content shown in a different frame. does this make sense,k and does anybody know how I canb do this?>



A bunch of markers should do. How does it work exactly ?
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Well, the problem is that I got the whole thing to work going op… say on the speedometer. to get it to go to 55 mph on a action (pressing a button) but what I would like is that when I press another button it goes back to 30mph, or on another button to 5mph.