Data-driven powerpoint style presenation in Flash

I have been tasked to research methods for creating powerpoint-style presentations, but using Flash for better transitions, effects, etc. This also needs to be data-driven so that information can be easily swapped out for different presentations - maybe fed by an XML file?

Any suggestions on where to start looking? Can Flash handle something like this, even outputting the swf of the final presentation?

this thread is dated 6/16/2009 but also says 4 days ago. I think I have seen that here a few times. Is a random old thread being listed as new? or was this actually a new thread with the incorrect date?

I was going to recommend looking at when i noticed it was old.

haha maybe this guys been waiting for an answer since 2009 and is like, ahh finally!

Someone posted spam which bumped the thread up. Then the spam got deleted but the thread remains bumped.

According to other, smarter people, it’s a problem with Discourse.