Database driven websites

Hello Everyone,

I am using Dreamweaver currently with all the pages saved in .php format. I would like to make my site dynamic so that I can just go online and add an article without having to have my laptop and dreamweaver with me all the time. It’s a hassel when you have to go to vacation with your laptop or when you go to someone’s house, you have to install dreamweaver on their computer so you can work on your site. :frowning:

What I want to do with a database driven site is just use a username and password to log into the main system and add, delete, edit content like a word processor.

My server uses Redhat and it’s a dedicated server with all the capabilities of using MySQL databases and stuff.

I am not familiar with any coding :frowning: :smiley: so I might need help. I was searching on Google but there are so many programs that I don’t know which one to choose. I am willing to spend money as long as the program gives guarantee to work. I don’t want to download something crap, install it on my server and later remove because it doesn’t work. I also want a database program from a REPUTABLE company and not some garage company.

[color=red]Few Questions:[/color]

[color=blue]**1. Would it take a lot of time to take my 400 .php pages and 3000 images and putting them into a database?

  1. Can I do it without any coding knowledge?

  2. Suggestions on good, commercial, reputable programs?**[/color]