Database Making?

Are there any tutorials for Flash MX that will teach you how to make a database? Like, you can save whatever you do in there (like input your name and whatever) and retrieve it.

Oh, and the file that it will output should also have something like a custom extension (like, if I want it to be file.neo) like that:cool:

Have a good time… and thanks.

are you talking about writing a file which contains data, or talking to something advanced like a mySql database?

I’ve only had a little experience with the latter, but I might be able to find a tutorial on the subject. Been looking to brush up on it myself.

(I know we have a couple of people experienced with both on this board though. Hopefuly one of them will chime in.)

Just a simple database will do… I’m not yet into the mysql stuff, although I’d probably study it one day:cool: I just want to know the basics of database making in flash… I’ll the advanced stuff when I really get a grasp of the basics first:cool:

ps - oh yeah, I’m making a zombie full length cartoon in flash and I’m thinking of putting it on vcd… I guess I’ll have to convert everything into GRAPHIC right:cool: