DataGrid component use

Hi. I’m a teacher who runs a history website. On it I have a few basic Flash games. See

As I’ve added more and more topics, I’ve tried to develop a Flash-based interface to allow easy selection. See

However, the one I’ve currently done is too clunky and doesn’t work brilliantly. I have Flash MX 2004 Pro and am looking at using the DataGrid component instead. Trouble is, most schools only have Flash 6 installed and I don’t want to require Flash 7.

My aim is to have a large index like this with all the game topics on - allowing anyone to select a game quickly and easily.

Any ideas how I could do this better or more effectively?

Your website is down…

:frowning: Sorry!

Seems ok now.

Ah - spotted my error - I’d messed up the second link. ;(

Should be

Thanks for having a look.

you can still create a datagrid in mx 2004 and use flash player 6 and it will work just fine.

Excellent - thanks for that information - I didn’t know that.

I’ve developed my one a bit more anyway as it will have a few extra things such as allowing students to search the available game topics.

I’ll post it up here when I’ve finished and any further comments will be great.

sure thing