dataGrids and cells

Really need help here, hope this is the place to find it.

I have a dataGrid with 3 columns and 20 rows.

I want to multi-select rows and pass the values from the cells in the 2nd column to a new list.
I’m kind of almost there but I’m stuck because I don’t know what property of the dataGrid to use.
My code will populate the new list but it only shows the row index numbers i.e 0,1,2,3 etc.:td:
Whereas I want the list show Tom,Richard,Harry etc. (values from the 2nd column of the dataGrid).
What property will get the cell values from the 2nd column:q:

Here’s my code.

var listB:List = new List();
listB.selectable = false;
listB.move(120, 250);
function changeHandler(event:Event):void {
    if (myDataGrid.selectedItems.length > 0) {
        listB.dataProvider = new DataProvider(myDataGrid.selectedIndices);

I’m new to Flash CS3 and actionscript 3.0. Many thanks