Date and Time Help!

I have created a site which displays the date and the time. But I cannot get either to show the right value. The date shows the wrong month and the time shows the wrong hour.\r\\r\rThanks,\r DaDeViL

I fixed the time problem but im still having trouble with the date. It says the date is Feb not March. Here is the script i used:\r\rmyDate = new Date();\rdateTextField = (myDate.getDate()+"’"+mydate.getMonth()+"’"+mydate.getFullYear());\r\r\\r\rThanks,\r DaDeViL

Go here. \r\…D=16.topic\r\rit explains all about it.

You have 2 custom cursors following th emouse. Is that on purpose.\r\rpom 0]

Yes, that other cursor is supposed to be there and thanks for that link.\r\rDaDeViL

personally i found the second cursor distracting from the flow of the site, but thats a very nice site. I like the colors and the layout.