DateChooser Component

I am looking to build a new date chooser for a site i am developing, i currently using one in javascript which works great, the goal is to have a better looking one, that won’t have the quirks of my javascript one(various browsers etc.). I would like to use the Flash DateChoser Componet but have no clue where to start the integration between the two.

In an html form i would like to have a text input box that either when you click on it or a button right next to it, it pops open the Flash Date Chooser(usings the dateChooser component) and returns the date selected in a ‘mm/dd/yy’ format.

Is this possible, to have the flash movie return a variable and just close?

I know that there are similarities between AS and JS, but it DOM manipulation one of them?

This maybe in the wrong forum, but i figured it had to do with MX 2004.

Thanks for any guidance.