Dating Sim AI

[left]*Greetings! To you all!

*I am a young person that enjoys to make games, play games, stare games, would dare to marry a game (just kidding). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyways, why I am here is that I would like to know some of the more advance actionscript that would be needed, also; would it be cool to have like an actual real-time experience (if a second passes, a second passes in the game)

The game is based in Japan, and I don’t want to put any sexual events (I find it disturbing on what people do over the internet cough)

I would go into the plot and all, but here are some of the things I wish to know of:

1.How can I get an AI unit to preform certain taskes when certain varibles are set?
[left]2.What would be a good key setting for having the character show up at certain places at certain times?
[left]3.Will the AI work the same if in scenes?
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[left]Well, that is all, thank you for reading this, and if you would like be a part of this Dating Sim game, please let me know, and I am sure you would be a great addition to the game.

Au Revior,

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I would help you… but I don’t like Japan…

I might help if you were to change the setting to Singapore and make the people Chinese…

Here’s a sample of what I’ve done…

I had some help in the beginning of this… the invenotory, the passage of time, the phases of the day (press space to advance the game 1 game hour which is 1 real minute) as well as the basics of motion and conversation were the works of my friend… I learned how to edit all this and I added little things… like the part where you can walk onto a couch or toilet and sit on it or onto a bed and lie on it… that was my work. I also did some of the script for running and I did the X button delay which starts a delay each time you press the X button so you don’t have repetative actions like reading a book again after you’ve finnished reading it. I even refined the time system…