Day to Night Building

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[right] [left]hey everyone, I am working on a little
[left] project and incorporating the Waikiki
[left] Police substation. What do you think?
[left] No tripod used BTW, so it’s not perfect.:ne:

haha looks real cool man!

check out something similar shane did at

where in the site is it? The site is awesome and huge…I wonder how he did the leafs from wireframe to actual leaf?

noice stuff there d. real smooth, i cant do anything like that, since i live in the city and all the cars and such…

I think he means the Genesis Project thing.

What did you use to do the tween? I’m quite interested.

it looks just like 2 blended images to me :-/

What would be nice is a couple of more frames, like something around dusk where its probably redder and a point where the lights come on, not fade in like that. That would be cool.

Another idea might be to have, every once in a while, a frame of a blurred person or car going by to make it seem like there is a lot going on really fast instead of a simple fade/blend.

oh, and maybe (if you got the time) to hack in some shadow movement - like that street light shadow just hangs there and fades out. Probably even just removing it might help

considering no tripod was used, though, it goes together really well =)

What software?

I like the idea! I did something like that before( in the header), but I think your image is much better. Using two images was a much better idea, I’ll try that next time.
Good job!

The wireframe can be created customly in flash by tracing over the leaf. If the leaf is 3D he can also export as wireframe :).

take two images. Here I’ll call day and night

Now crop and align in PS so the two will line up. Using a tripod from the same location marking would be ideal BTW, but I put my camera on a lightpole. Now you should have two cropped and nearly identical pictures day.jpg and night.jpg. Import them into Flash and convert to movies so you can adjust the alpha. Make layer one night.jpg position at 0,0. Make the fla same size as your night image. Now make 100+ frames so night layer will not change. Add layer 2. (make sure you have the exact amount of frames on both layers) Place into frame one day image. Alpha=100 by default. Select frame 50 or 55 whatever you your last frame / 2 (midpoint). At my case (55) insert keyframe select the movieclip day on layer two, drop the alpha to zero. Motion tween from frame one to frame 55. Test movie. You should see it fade from day to night, and stay there. Now click on final frame, insert keyframe and raise the alpha to a 100. Motion tween from 55 to 110 and you see the full effect. This is my first long tut / hint so bare with me. Thank you for the feedbacks.

PS I like the idea of the dusk, but the street is so crowded, main strip of Waikiki that it’s hard to get a good shot off and I don’t know if I can time it well… I will give it a shot thought. I don’t know how to shape tween a leaf like that. But any help / tut location would be great.

I see the tracing part, but did he manually build the leaf like that and if so how did it turn into the leaf, using a mask? I’m baffled at what is probably an easy effect if you got some tricks up the sleeve. Thanks Reef, if you got any tuts or hints I am all ears.

Thanks d3534656!

D1007 -

Notice that the wireframe did not become the leaf. There is no need for a tutorial so I will explain it right here.

The leaf is probably a image or a 3D render ( I doubt it ). After he traced the leaf, he just made a mask to make the wireframe come in like that.

I have this wierd eye to see things exactly as it is. If you look closely, the wireframe just fades out and the leaf image (or 3d render) just fades in.

Simple simple simple :thumb:.

Hey if you want to make that day light and night thing more realistic have the lights turn off at a certain time instead of fading. Will look much better.:wink:

I guess if I could see his .fla I could see it that way, it’s impressive though, has a nice look without being overkill. Thanks.

I was thinking of making a smoother fade by taking pics at 6:00/12:OO/1800/24:00 but the shade from the pole might night to get cut, it will ruin it, and be too abrupt of a change.

Looks good. Why not throw in some people. cars, birds etc.?