Dazed..and amused

So tonight while doing my weekly research on my portfolio stats I discovered that I got ripped off lol So I took screenshots (now I found another use for browser testing screenshots :lol: )
Well I never thought that my design would be so interesting to anyone in order to modify it and that’s because I always thought that what i design mostly represents myself and it couldn’t possibly fit to someone else’s site. But in a funny way I am pleased because it means that whoever this is and did this…really liked my design. :thumb:
Another funny thing is that they never bothered to change the screenshots of the sites in my portfolio. They changed the title in the meta, but not my name…so I’m still the author lol Not to mention the css wich is still named “pinkstyle.css” and the comments in the css are still my own:)
So thank you sir or mam, whoever you are …and whatever the language that you changed my design into might be:cross-eye