Debugging animation

hi, i new here.

nice to meet you all. :smiley:

currently i am having trouble with my animation.

i have an animation with sound that last about 8 minutes.

here’s the problem,
when i was debugging the animation with the sound at the timeline frame everything fits perfectly.

the problem came when i compile the animation, the sound is ok, but the animation is either running to fast or to slow so it didn’t synchronize with one another.

i had tried a few ways to resolve this like cutting the sounds and then animate it accordingly to the events that is happening in that sound and making it as one movie clip, after that i then combine all of it into one excluding the sound.
the result is the same, sound and animation didn’t synchronize.

i also tried using the sounds that i cut, so it’s just the movie clips with the sound inside, more problem came, not only did they not synchronize each other, but there’s a gap blank sound between events.

is there any other way to resolve this beside debugging and compiling the animation part by parts ?

thanks a lot for the help