Declaring strings and numbers in a variable

Hi There … Im using a tween engine, and its syntax for use is as follows::


Now, I want to send a pre-set var inside my tween command… Which is contained inside an Array
so I write::

var myRandomString:array = new Array(doThis);
var doThis:String = "_x",100,1,"easeout",0,callback;

Of course … ‘doThis’ gets an error!
How can I write “_x”,100,1,“easeout”,0,callback as a string?? I have tried to put “these” around the text.
The problem seems to be that “_x” and “easeout” which are effectively strings inside the string! – but for the tween engine to work - I need to declare that.

Any Advice out there! ???
Thanks in advance … cos it could produce some cool effects…