Deep poo-poo: need hlp, transforming distance between 2 objects when scaled -

Hi guys, seems simple enough but let me explain:

I have 2 sprites in a parent sprite(MainContainer)

CircleClip - which has a child sprite sitting in its center( -circ.width/2, -circ.height/2)
BoxClip - which has a child sprite sitting in its center (-sqr.width/2, -sqr.height/2)

and lets say this circle is at 300,200 and the box is at 500,300.

The user is able to drag this circle around as he pleases. Once a button is clicked, another box (Boxclip2) and circle (CircleClip2) in a different display container(MainContainer2) appear but both items are individual scaled and the only thing i know fur sure is that BOXCLIP2 sits at x,y of 750,300.

The question is how do i calculate where this CircleClip2 should be in respect to the first relationship and where BoxClip2 is?

hope i explained that well.