Defining content of an e-mail with a button

Ok well you know how you can use getUrl/mailto command in flash to make an e-mail me button? Well what I wanted to know is if their is some way to make an e-mail me button that actually e-mails a certain address with a certain predefined subject line and message body. So when they click on the e-mail button there default e-mail client would pop up with say subject hello. And a preset message of hello this is a test and it is being set to whatever address I chose (the latter I which I know you can of course do just in flash). I know you can’t do something this complex just in flash so maybe PHP or something? Not really my area which is why I’m asking ^_^. And if it is php how can I (if I can !) interelate that to work with a flash button.

Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated =)

Fargate :smiley: