Delay in showing loaded movies

I have a main movie and six external swf’s that I load with loadMovie with navigation buttons. I have a preloader in the mainmovie. The swf’s are between 5 and 20 kB. Everything works fine, but sometimes I still have to wait (about six or seven seconds with a dsl connection) for the swf’s to show up, even when they are already ‘in cache’. And then the preloader doesn’t show either. It seems as if the file has been found but something keeps it from showing. I use no components, no strange fonts. I do use tweens in the external swf’s, and in some of the tweens bitmaps. But also in the swf’s without bitmaps it sometimes happens.

I wonder what is happening, technically.

I am also wondering if it has to do with using relative or absolute paths in the buttons referring to the external files. I use relative.
Does anybody know?

[color=#22229c]this is the link[/color]