Delay on Mouseovers

Ok here is a question for all the experts out there. Bascially, I have 5 links on my main flash swf. Each of them calls on a single movie clip (for all 5 links there is one movie clip they call on, using tell target for the frame sequences of each link) for a mouseover and mouseout event. What I would like to do is, when you move your mouse over it, to delay the telltarget gotoandplay event by a second, so that if you flash your mouse over all 5 links it doesnt look like a choppy mess. I’m just trying to filter out fast mouseover movements so that in the event that one mouseover is active, and the mouse is quickly moved away, it will be able to execute its mouseout effect without being overshadowed by the new mouseover…sorry if that doesnt make sense, i can clarify better if it doesnt.

Email me the FLA and I’ll see if I can help you out.
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To delay actions by 1 sec

Create an empty MC on stage with 13 frames with a stop command on f1 and enough declared variables to control your mouse events (go to where, play what, etc.) Each time a mouse event is triggered, pass the necessary vars to the MC and tell it to gotoAndPlay(2)

On frame 13 use the vars to trigger the action you want and reset the clip to gotoAndStop(1)

If a user interrupts the play sequence - eg by multiple mouseovers - then the clip will keep hopping back to f2 and your mouse events won’t be triggered

If you want to adjust the time lag - alter the number of frames.