Delayed action in CS3 action script 3.0

Hello everyone…

I’ve been working on a problem for three days now and have tried various forums attempting to get the answer. So… I’m here to give the KIRUPA group a shot.
Here is my problem:

Using Flash CS3 and Action Script 3 I created a flash site with lots of pretty cool animation. On one page I have a few buttons which are linked to various urls. With my limited knowledge, the Flash CS3 Bible and the Action Script Bible I am able to get this far.

On this page, I would like to enter script for each of the buttons that will cause a delay of 5 seconds before the requested url action is taken and the user is taken to the next page. This is so the animation that is running can finish before the user is redirected to the requested url.

I hope that I’ve made myself clear on this issue. I’ve had a lot of practice attempting to explain this over the past few days.

Thank you VERY much in advance to the person who can help me with this problem.