Delaying an gotoAndPlay action

hello everybody… thanks for edvices posted.

this is what i need to learn today:
i have this movie clip that i want to keep playing from time to time
but because it is shot keeps flashing.
how can one delay the loop.

greetings from Portugal…Ahaab:)

Hi, I don’t fully understand your question, do you want the clip to pause before it plays or to play then pause before it loops round again

hi ahaab,
try searching for your post, there are a lot of similar posts about time delay…

this post it may help?

Check out this post.

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You can either add some extra frames at the end of you animation
or you could set an interval and call the animation every so often.
Something like:
in the main timeline:

interval = function(){
 var timeToWait= random(6);
 this.lapseId = setInterval("callAnimation", interval);
callAnimation = function(){

And in the last frame of your animation:


this way it will happen every so often at random intervals


i´m kind of sleepy and the frames solution escaped mi mind.
i will apply it i thank the php solution, and try to use it in future, because i am too green on as, and some times staring at code is like staring at a dinossaure.

greetings …Ahaab