Deployed Builder needs Ideas

If anybody remembers me from last year basically i’m in the U.S. military and while deployed to Iraq every year i choose to spend the majority of my spare time learning and implimenting different things to my website rather than playing video games like everybody else. I’m hopeing to keep this thread up for the entirity of my deployment at least. Last year i learned the basics of flash and photoshop and made a very simple yet functional website for showing family members and friends my pics from out here. This year i want bigger and better. I’m not the most creative person ever but i’m getting pretty good with the macromedia package and photoshop CS2. I’m horrible with ideas. If it’s ok i’d like to keep referring to this post to ask questions about ideas for different design aspects of my website occassionally i may not be able to impliment something and i may ask for help with that also. Those who beleive that helping me in this aspect is building my website for me and disagree with it need not reply. I would greatly appreciate any help anybody can give me with ideas etc. Any questions or comments can also be posted here also. I appreciate the time of anybody that helps greatly. And i’d like to once again thank everybody (especially scottie and kirupa) for all the help last year.