Deselecting previous button on nav click

Hi All,

I wasn’t really sure how to title this one, but my issue is, I have a navigation with three buttons. When one button is clicked, it turns a certain color. When the next one is clicked, that one turns a different color, and the previous one turns back to it’s original color. So far when I click, the buttons turns colors, and then when i click on the other, the previous one doesn’t turn back. Can someone help me out with this one. Here is my code so far:

function navClick (e:MouseEvent) {
	var mc = e.currentTarget;	
	switch ( {
		case "link_num1":
		projectClick();, .3, {tint:0xCCCCCC})
		case "link_num2":
		whoWeAreClick();, .3, {tint:0xffffff})
		case "link_num3":
		commClick();, .3, {tint:0xFF00000})
		default:, .3, {tint:0x1A1A1A})