Desiging an eCommerce Site

I wasn’t sure if this was the best place to put this, but we’ll see if any Mods move it :wink:

This is more of an insight-seeking question, as opposed to a “give me the right answer” question.

I want to start building more eCommerce Sites, but I just can’t seem to come up with a general theme that works best for them. What would you recommend are fundamental features that an eCommerce site must have? I’m not talking about the backend stuff, like Credit Card Payment Systems, or Shopping Carts built with SQL and PHP, but more the aesthetic properties. I hope I’m somewhat clear… Sorry if I’m not… let me give a couple scenarios:

**Scenario 1: **

I want to build an eCommerce site which sells goods and/or services A, B, C, and D.

That’s all I ever sell - no more, no less, so (in my opinion) even having a database for products, or a shopping cart is unnessecary, I simply want to give prospective clients/customers the factual information about each good/service, and then have them order or contact me.

How should I work the layout of this site? Should I give it a menu, or simply put a few pages together that link between each other? What type of information should be on each page? Or what types of pages should there be?

**Senario 2:

**I am a business owner that obtains goods from a supplier, and sell them to consumers. I have a wide variety of products/services, so obviously some kind of database/shopping cart would need to be on the site.

Should this site share any features of the site from Scenario 1, or should it be completely re-worked? What are some major (or minor) design features that you think should definately be included, or avoided?

I hope I can get some quality insight in this matter - I know there are a ton of schools that are dedicated to teaching this type of thing, but I don’t have the resources for school right now - I’m looking more for some basics to get me started in self-learning (which is pretty much how I do anything :wink: )

Thanks, in advance, for the help! :beam:

If you’re ever going to do scenario 2 its best to make the code for the shopping cart and database storage. You might not have much information to put in at first, but it’s always better to build the site so you can easily expand/modify and perhaps re-use/re-work the code in other sites.

You might not think to expand the products now, but who knows what’ll happen later on down the track.