Design a Greeting Card

Well i know it’s kinda urly for this battle, can’t say christmas is around the corner but i have seen battles taking really long to finish here so i thought it was the right time to start a greeting card battle.

Design What? : combined card for both christmas and new year.

Design in which format? : suggest

Time Limit ? : suggest

**One Essential Requirement to participate **
The fla’s or .psd’s are to be posted here so that anyone can edit them send them to others.

i request you not to participate if you dont agree to this rule, you can use movie/animations from other sites if u will, open source and so on… it does not have to be your work entirely, you are free to use anything from anywhere.I hope you dont mind sharing.

Fair enough?

OMG 24 views, 2 days almost and no replies?
This place is dying or i chose a very bad topic to have a battle on… I was gona suggest vollying and working in partnerships.


ok atleast post the reason why no one is interested in this battle?