Design Advice Needed

I am making a site for a wedding/portrait photographer. She is my stepmom and I am not under any real deadline. I want to make it good, even if it takes me a long time, because this will be a my first real site, and i would like to have something good to attract more clients.

Here is what I believe to be my best design so far:

I know its not much yet, so if you have comments on the design that would be great, but otherwise I would really appreciate some advice on how to layout the site.

I was thinking that a simple drop down list box style menu would be nice. Haven’t figured out exactly where it would go. It would have:


Client Testimonials

Both the wedding and portrait sections have their own intro/slideshow. Then within both the wedding and portrait section there would be an “about”, “budgeting”, “contact” and maybe some options specific to the section such as “further wedding resources” for the wedding section.

I was thinking that these section specific buttons could pop up from the bottom in a horizontal row. Meanwhile the dropdown listbox would be at the top allowing the user to switch sections, and go to the other pages that arent specific to either section (testimonial, contact, home).

Would it be weird having “contact” in the dropdown listbox, as well as in the horizontal section buttons. I dont want the user to go to a section and then not be able to find the “contact” button because they dont know that its in the drop down menu…

Does this sound okay, any advice, any way you think it would be better layed out?