Design competition for Logo :: Award 200 $ ::

dear members ,

With the beginning of a new phase in the successful march to the Contractors Company extended through more than fifty years, and the expansion of the company at the international levels in the area of construction and building industry

Design Logo
The competition for the design code (Logo) NEW COMPANY
Reflecting the noble descent and development

:: Award 200 $ ::

And gentlemen interested in (companies or individuals) to participate in this competition submit their proposals within one month from the date of declaration

Conditions of Participation

  1. Must reflect the innovative design of the company’s long history and the atmosphere of its long experience in the construction and related industries, as well as the continued development and modernization is under way to keep the company progress in the industry and in response to market needs.
    • Maintaining the company’s orange and currently used or changing degree.
    • We must be innovative design of logo directed to the Arabic language speakers and English language.
    • Contestant can progress more than the design.
    • The Racer provide a brief explanation on how to design expression and association submitted the idea of the basic design and prescribed in paragraph No. (1).
    • The Racer provide logo print, as well as on CD-ROM disc containing the design are clearly high (300 DPI) to allow its use in printing and the separation of colors.
    • We must take the innovative design in mind that the logo is for use in all aspects (electronic, personal cards, equipment, etc.). And the winning logo will be required to be submitted in several different sizes and uses.

• The proposals were sent by runners were to include the proposed design completely, full name, e-mail, telephone number and e-mail to state the following mail:

[email protected]