Designers from France

Maybe some of you guys heard of BD4D – By Designers For Designers. Well, I’m no designer, but I was lucky enough to be invited to the last one, and I’ve seen some pretty wild things.

Some of the videos are available on praktica (French designer portal), and if you have a big connection, it’s really worth it: at the bottom of the page, something by Ambidextre/Effraction
At the bottom of the page. This was a contest where you were given an image and had to make a 20-second movie - excellent.

You can also check the links in that page, and if you do, be sure to check Oniara in the lab of

pom (-:

People of France Unite! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not french, but…

Due to the fact that several french Web sites, voted me site of the week, and also due to the fact that my Web stats last year were astronomical biggest contribution french visitors. Also the positive feedback I have gotten from teh french…so I say


Je pense que les français ont une plus grande appréciation pour
l’art puis d’autres.

Maybe my french is not perfect but i think you get the point.


Here’s to France :trout:

Cheers :trout:

france rules for standing up to bush. go france!!!

:beam: Please let’s not discuss this here :phil:

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The smelly country rox! =)

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**:beam: Please let’s not discuss this here :phil:

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I think it should be discussed as much as possible. People are too misinformed.

i think pom meant lets not talk about that in THIS thread! lets stick to the sites and comments on the site…

if you want to talk about France and inform people about it…make your OWN thread :wink: we can spam THAT !!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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but i DO expect some sort of reward…and approximately $50,000 deposited into my account by Monday… :flower:

Well there were other threads. And a Flash forum is not exactly the best place to be informed (look at the forementionned threads for evidence of this).

I’m closing the thread.

All right, I got carried away, I reopen the thread, but no mention of American/French tensions, please :love: