DESPERATE! Problems with reenabling a button (For AS guru)

Hey Guys! Im a newbie on ActionScript language, and im gonna to explain an issue that i have with ActionScript.


Button “boton1” is pressed
Movie “quienes” is loaded. (MC “quienes” works like a pop-up"
Button “boton1” is disabled.

boton1 CODE:

on (release) {
 this.attachMovie("quienes", "window", 0);
 window._x = 624;
 window._y = 348;

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][/FONT]

“boton1” must be disabled because when “quienes” is loaded, it keeps on workingin a rollover action.
Button “boton2” is pressed
Movie “quienes” is unloaded.

boton2 CODE:

on (press){

How can Button “boton1” become enabled again?

Thanks Everybody!