Desperately need help with this project!

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to this list, btw.

I have this Memory Game (Matching Pairs Game) that I created
(actually re-created). Inside this file consists of 8 different sets
of “card graphics” movie clips.

My main concern is trying to get the “Start New Game” button to
choose a random set of those card movie clips. It keeps selecting the
first set.

Here’s a link to that file in case, we’re not on the same page ^^;;.
Just check out the link at:

And inside the Library under the “Card Clipart” folder, you’ll notice
all my “Card Graphics” Movie files that should be played randomly one
at a time. >_<

HOw do I load them randomly???


Ok, try using this code:
anyNum = Math.round(Math.random() * 3)
_root.attachThis.attachMovie(“first” + anyNum, “second”, anyNum);

basically what you have to do is name your movieclips in the linkage menu and make sure that they start with “first” and are directly followed by a number like first4 or first1, etc. Then I just created a empty movieclip called attachThis and load the randomly selected movieclip into it.

Hope this helps.


Oh, thank you ^^. I’ll give it a try.


How do you display a text message every time a pair of cards are matched in the game? The text should be applied to each pair that’s matched but again I’m baffled.