Detect a CTRL-C key event

Hi Guys

In my application, I need to detect a CTRL-C event. I can detect CTRL-K , CTRL-T , CTRL-U , and a bunch of others, but it seems that CTRL-C is reserved !

First it detects the CTRL , but as long as the CTRL button is held down, it totally ignores C when it’s pressed. I know that there was a key combination detection script here on kirupa offered by someone (Michael), but it has this problem as well.

Any any idea how I can detect this combination?? Here is the code Im using to test which key is being detected (Note that debug is the variable name of a textfield on the main timeline, because testing key combination events inside of flash sometimes causes problems):

var keyListener:Object = new Object();
keyListener.onKeyDown = function() {
 var key1 = Key.getCode()
 _root.debug += "key "+key1+"