Detect move to begin, Timer down to restart


I’m building an interactive kiosk presentation and somewhat at a loss as to where to begin. I wanted to share my initial thoughts and see if anyone (hopefully) had some direction as to what I should explore.

The presentation opens with a looping movie (lets call this a screensaver for lack of better words).

    • Frame “A” --> “Z”, on frame “Z” goToAndPlay “A”*

If someone moves the mouse, it begins the interactive “site”

- Eventlistener for onMouseMove, Function goToAndPlay the first frame of the interactive.

If the mouse doesnt move for a certain period of time after the interactive starts, it goes back to Frame “A” (the beginning of the screensaver-esque loop)

- I’m at a loss

So, is my logic right here? Setting this all up as a script, is messing me up. I’m not sure if I should be doing this all on one time line or start using _root functions and calling start/stop functions to child movies from the main scene. Basically, should my main scene be one frame long, with all of this in a larger_mc, a called from on main script on Layer to of my main timeline?

Any suggestions or direction or examples of similar concepts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,