Detect when FLV is finished

Hi All,
Anyone know of a tutorial or a script/command to detect when an FLV is finished playing, so that I can load up the next FLV?


please see It !! it will work

Ajo K jose

you can actually use the .onStatus method from the NetStream class to check if the flv is finish like this:

name_of_ur_NetStream_var.onStatus = function (vInfo:Object):Void {
if (vInfo.code == “NetStream.Play.Stop”) {
//code here to load the next flv;

offline it works fine !! But g-shock, when stream is down or stoped coz of low bandwidth .code return “NetStream.Play.Stop” . isn’t it? and that doesn’t mean that video completely Over.

umm… if u do a trace command for vInfo object u will see that the stream returns values for the buffer stop and play, even if the bandwidth is low the movie will not stop it will only have an empty buffer.