Detect which frame

I’m trying to make some kind of menu to my homepage. It’s got two horizontal lines and when you move the mouse over the lines they separate from each other, and in the space between the lines is the menu objects.
So what I wan’t to do is to move the lines FROM eachother when mouse is over and stay there until you move the mouse out of the area. At that point the lines should go back together again.
I’m using this script to get the lines to separate:
onClipEvent (mouseMove) {
if (this.hitTest(_root._xmouse, _root._ymouse)) {;

But this will only make the movie play when the mouse is over the lines. How should I do this?

You could consider drawing an invisible button (a button where only the hit area is defined) and using this to control the MC

I thought of that too first, but then i realized that it wouldn’t work. You see when the lines separate i want the area where the mouse can be to keep the lines separated to be as wide as the space between the lines. If I do a invisible button, it’s one size only… Or could this be fixed somehow?

If you’re using a motion tween to separate the lines (I’m guessing you are because of the snippet) then you could also use a motion tween to stretch the width of the button.

If you’re using AS to separate the line the you can do the same thing to the button by manipulating the _xScale.

Of course… Stupid me…
But if I don’t want the mickeymouseglove to show when you roll over the button, you’ll have to make a movieclip, isn’t that right? And how is this made?

If you want to hide the glove use Mouse.hide() or

If you want to replace the glove use Mouse.hide() the create your own MC and add this script to onClipEvent

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {