Determining Uppercase and lowercase

i have to create something that loads text dynamically and then you can input words and it determines if that word is in that dynamically loaded text. I have to output a statement for three different reasons.

  1. If the word is not found
  2. If the word is found
  3. If the word is found, but it’s not the same (Ex. You enter hello but the word in the text is Hello)

I have it all working for the moment using functions etc…but the one thing I am unsure about is how to determine whether the character is uppercase or lowercase or maybe there is another possible way so that I can print out the 3rd reason from about.(telling the difference from hello and Hello.)

The whole thing is based off a tutorial I found here:

just got rid of the find next button and added an output msg box.

Any help or guidance in how to fix this would be greatly appreciated!