Devonair's AS3 port of FLEX2 Tween Classes to FLASH 9.0 Alpha

Thanks to Devonair and Senocular for pointing me in the right direction as per porting the Flex 2 Tween classes to AS3 Flash 9.0 Public Alpha…

I think I got the all files moved properly and all references to the mx_internal namespace and unresolvable includes commented out, but on compiling I get (among many others):

[SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]Error C:\Documents and Settings…\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Flash 9 Public Alpha\en\Configuration\Classes\mx\events\ Line 11: ActionScript 2.0 class scripts may only define class or interface constructs.[/COLOR][/SIZE] is is imported by and was copied from my Flex 2 SDK. Of course, probably isn’t AS2!! :blush:

What does this error mean in this context?

Alternately, if anyone other than Devonair has actually transmuted the Flex 2.0 Tween class to Flash 9.0 PA and could give me a few more details I’d be grateful…

TIA - wlovin