Diablo + expnsn LOD annyone?

Yea this game is awesome. They just lanched the “BestSeller series” Of the Expansion and DiobloII So i bought it. And i totally addicted to the game online. I am on the Europe ladder with 4 chracters. Sorcerres, Druidit, Assasin and Babarian.

please buy this game give it a try. It’s awesome.

the game pretty old and i finshed it ages ago. I used paladin cuz of all that holy power stuff like repel or wateva against those skeltons. I like soceress and the other chara but i like paladn cuz he gets into the action where as like the neocromancer summons skeltons…

newy, everyones on with war3 tft now…

me to. but Diablo is sooooo awesome!!!

here my profile:
havn’t played for a while now.

yeh i see…

yeh i still like diablo a lot but i dnt think blizzard wuld agree to bring out another diablo… or wuld they? :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe It wouldn’t hurt.

But i think there are going to release the next expansion of WarIII I think is about the orks.

another one? after tft?

yep, i read it someware on the blizzard site.

**** already…