Different connected lines version

Hello to everyone!

I have followed the Connected Lines tutorial for an idea that i have in my mind and i want to use it in my website.

Thing goes like that.

I have 6 small circles which move freely in the stage. I want the lines to connect and follow the circles. The only thing I managed to do is connect the circles with the lines but when the circles move the lines stay still!

Any suggestions?

    function init() {

    this.createEmptyMovieClip("line", -1);
    this.onMouseMove = function() {


    function drawLine() {

    line.lineStyle(3, 0xFFFFFF);
    line.moveTo(circle._x, circle._y);
    line.lineTo(circle1._x, circle1._y);
    line.moveTo(circle1._x, circle1._y);
    line.lineTo(circle._x, circle._y);