Different Flash page behaviour on Different Browsers

Hello mates :slight_smile: New to the forum and new to the design world really. But I do find it exciting so I am giving it a shot. I hope you don’t hang me for being such an amateur :p. I started working on this page for a friend. I didn’t really create the flash myself, instead he had a template and I tried to modify it. The problem I face is that the page, generally both Flash and HTML, appears awesome in Safari (proud Mac user) and everything works but aweful in Camino/Firefox/IE. The buttons on the side invoke a Javascript for pop-ups because we wanted a predefined window size. The site is : www.goodvibingcrew.com. I really dont know what to think of and I would be greatfull if any one could have a look and give me some advice. I know that I wasn’t very descriptive, but I cant really address the issue :frowning:

Thanks in advance,